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 Happy First Day of Spring ya’ll! My favorite part about Spring is all the growth and renewal, especially the blooming of so many beautiful flowers. Lucky for me, I can make sugar flowers in any variety all year round, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. So tis’ the season for growth and prosperity. Whatever you choose to put into the universe, know that this is the year you will be supported. Whatever dream you are chasing, whatever goals you have for 2019, don’t be afraid to put that energy out there and visualize it until it has no choice but to become a reality ✨  Sweet, sweet sugar anemone. Trying out some new techniques...including patience ✌ #sugarflowers  From the @buffaloindieweddings bridal show last weekend ✨. We had so much fun meeting all you incredible brides & grooms-to-be! Just a reminder, we’ve got about 4 or 5 spots left for 2019 and we’re actively booking for 2020, first come, first serve  : @moonshinebuffalo  The prettiest doughnuts in the prettiest color palette  as seen on @brides 🤗 Planning: @kcyouthere : @bridgetrochellephotography Linens: @latavolalinen  I’ve been DYING to share these photos from @bridgetrochellephotography of the dessert table we created for Lauren & Joey’s wedding this past September, featured on @brides magazine today!! The color palette was an absolute dream, not to mention the couple . They are so fun and so full of life & love ♥️✨. I linked the feature in my bio , check it out, it’s worth the read!  Planning: @kcyouthere : @bridgetrochellephotography : @bowsandarrowsflowers Linens: @latavolalinen  This year for me is all about growth. Learning new techniques, taking B Sweet Designs to the next level and knowing when I need a little extra help. I’m not afraid to share my journey or to look back on where I’ve come from. Go ahead, scroll down to the bottom of my Instagram page and see how much we’ve changed over the past three years! I will never shy away from that because a) it keeps me humble as all heck and b) it really makes me feel proud of the strides I’ve made. I’m really feeling this not only on my dessert table design journey but especially with my sugar flower techniques. I know when to stop and say “alright, Marisa, it’s time to look into some master classes for a little extra knowledge and help.” Never be afraid to admit when you just need some help! Knowledge is power and I intend to keep soaking it all up on this magical journey. I recently went to a Goddess Circle @hersanctuarybuffalo and was told by the instructor that 2019 is not only the year of prosperity, but that “if we have the courage to put ourselves out there, the universe will support us.” So that’s what I intend to do. How about ya’ll? What strides have you made recently and what are you going to have the courage to accomplish this year? #growthmindset  Tomorrow’s the big day! Brides & Grooms, come stop by the @buffaloindieweddings Bridal Show @hotelhenrybflo from 12-3pm and say hi! We’ll be partying on floor 3! Can’t wait to see you all there! ✨  Let me start by saying, today, I wanted to give up. I mean it. I was inches away from throwing in the towel. I’ve been so excited to get back into creating sugar flowers after weeks of meticulously studying flowers and sugar techniques, and for the past 24 hours, I’ve created nothing but garbage. I even thought to myself “why did you even think you could be good at this?” But then this little voice inside of me rose above all the crap I was giving myself and said “how do you want to end your day? Feeling like a failure or feeling proud of yourself?” So I picked myself back up, tried to figure out where I was going wrong, and this is the final result. I’ve gotta say, this is probably the best garden rose I’ve created to date. I’ve still got lots left to learn, but I’m choosing to end this day on a high note, proud of myself for not giving up. Being a creative can be so draining, emotionally, physically, mentally...but damn is it rewarding ✨Also, Crisco is everywhere 🤣  Just obsessed with the theme of this sweet baby boy shower we created a dessert table for this past weekend. I wanted to integrate the red airplane in a really cute way without going overboard. These fondant cake toppers we designed with our friends @fairycakesbuffalo made the perfect addition to the dessert table, especially when paired with a bright red, red velvet french macaron   Kicked off the year with the sweetest airplane-themed dessert table for Corinne’s baby boy on the way!  A candle loses nothing by lighting another ✨ : @alyissalandri  I know I’ve been a little quiet lately on the gram, but I promise, behind the scenes, I’m making magic happen ✨. Stay tuned ya’ll, LOTS in store 🤗  Love is in the air  : @nealurban  I just love the way a sugar flower can really elevate a simple cupcake ...working on all kinds of sugar flowers this month and next, stay tuned 🤗✨  Nothing more classic than vanilla, nothing more timeless than a rose  : @aprylannphoto  Oh jewel tones...my love for you runs deep   ‘Cause I can’t help falling in love with you   Still my fav  #chocolatesaltedcaramel  Who says candy can’t be boujee AF? #champagnejellybeans for the win ✨  Nothing like a mini brown sugar cinnamon glazed bundt cake to sweeten up your day  The beauty of dessert tables is there are such a wide variety of “cake alternatives” to choose from...cupcakes, doughnuts, cake pops, cakesicles...bundt cakes ...the list goes on and on. And with an endless array of flavors to choose from, your sure to please just about everyone ♥️ : @lindseyrobinsonphoto