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 Honored to have designed this sweet little dessert table for Maria’s baby shower this past weekend, celebrating two twin girls on the way! ♥️  Busy day yesterday setting up this 18 foot beauty for the @buffalobills holiday party @the_admiral_room_ ! 🤗♥️  One thing I love most about our custom dessert tables is that no two tables are ever the same. And one way we accomplish that is by integrating personal details into the overall design. I always say “designed with you in mind”, but in all seriousness, when I design each table, I think about my specific couple and what we talked about in our consultation. I try to tie in details that reflect their cherished past memories, the present relationship they have built with each other and the future they are looking forward to. This could be in the form of a special type of novelty candy from your childhood, a baked good that you both treat yourself to on special occasions, or one of my favorites: specialty sugar cookies custom made with your monogram, crest, logo, or even initials (with the help of our fiercely talented friendor, @masterbake ). It’s an edible representation of your past, present, & future together. What better way to celebrate two people, two families, uniting as one ♥️ (scroll to see some of our favorites! )  Can you guess the most popular color we’ve seen this Fall? That’s right...burgundy for the win!  (and we’re NOT upset about it ) : @robinfoxphotography  Love comes in all shapes & sizes #loveislove  : @aprylannphoto  #tbt marble is all the rage these days  : @sjbridgeman  Love is in the air 🤗 My favorite time of year....Happy Engagement Season ya’ll  : @aprylannphoto  Third time’s a charm! ♥️✨ #sugargardenrose  Swoon  : @robinfoxphotography  So we’ve gotten a few new followers recently and I realized I haven’t really introduced myself in a while, so here goes! For all you newcomers, welcome to B Sweet Designs! My name is Marisa and I am delighted you are here! And for you folks who’ve been around for a while, thank you for continuing to ride along in this crazy whirlwind of a journey with me! So that’s my husband, Sam (I call him “Jam” ), in that picon our wedding day...I know, I know I always post photos from our wedding when I’m introducing myself, but 1) it seems totally appropriate given the industry I’m in, amiright? 2) it was one of the best days of my life (where my brides & grooms at! ‍♀️‍♂️) and 3) I literally don’t have any other professional photos of myself so this is as good as it’s going to get (photog friends, portrait session soon?!?) 🤣🤣🤣. I’m sure you can guess by my page here that I have a thing for styling sweets, especially when they’re all dressed up for weddings and other special events , but I also have a pretty hefty obsession with flowers and just recently decided it was time to start making my own sugar flowers (see my Insta story for my first attempt at a traditional rose & a garden rose!) I am working on perfecting these bad boys this Winter and hopefully continuing to integrate them into our dessert tables in 2019! We’ve also got a lot more in store for you for next year including new dessert items and new serveware pieces (consider me jazzed!)...Speaking of jazz...I love to get my groove on. My husband and I love to travel (we just got back from New Orleans with our best friends and listened to some funky tunes down there). I also really love to dance. I’m talking hip hop, werk-whatcha-mama-gave-ya, kind of dance. I dance with my incredible friends who started @musicality_central and it’s literally the BEST. TIME. EVER. If I’m not traveling, or dancing or working on this pretty little business, you can usually catch me reading a good book, drinking wine or seeing an EDM show somewhere. But enough about me. Back to you. Welcome and thanks for being here! I hope you’ll enjoy (or continue to enjoy) the ride. Xoxo -M ♥️  Thank you Lian Bunny @buffalomagazine for the sweet write up! Link in bio ya’ll!   When a doctor marries a doctor, you get doctor cake pops! ‍⚕️‍⚕️. Had the pleasure of designing this dessert table, complete with a heart-shaped doughnut wall ♥️, for such a special couple, Mary Frances & Alex, last night at Pearl at The Webb   Happy Thanksgiving my sweets! Thankful for family, friends & all you beautiful souls who make it possible for us to do what we love each and every day 🦃🥧♥️  ✨you’re gold baby, solid gold✨ : @robinfoxphotography   True love is like little roses, sweet, fragrant in small doses – Ana Claudia Antunes  : @robinfoxphotography  A little jewel-toned sweetness from this past summer to warm up this snowy day! : @moonshinebuffalo  #tbt to this beauty from last month at one of our favorite venues in WNY for one of our favorite couples @elizakristin88  : @sjbridgeman  ❗️UPDATE: Giveaway is now closed. Winner has been notified via DM. Thanks to all who entered! Xoxo  ............................................................... We’re turning 3 this month and to celebrate, we’re giving away $100 towards a dessert table for one lucky couple’s upcoming wedding! Eligibility: Valid only for weddings taking place on or before December 31, 2019. 150 guest minimum. To enter: 1. Like this post 2. Make sure you’re following @b_sweetdesigns 3. Tag two of your besties (i.e. your MOH or Best Man, another friend who’s getting married, your fiancé(e), etc.) and be sure to include your wedding date! We’ll randomly select a winner on Monday, November 12th at 12pm EST. Good luck my sweets! Xoxo -M  Crushing hard on these precious custom cookies via our collab with the lovely and talented @masterbake for one of our couple’s dessert tables we designed last month @hotelhenrybflo ♥️